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Photo — CARGO 120 (INTERNATIONAL CARGO 120), INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY Company Cargo120: international transportation to Ukraine
Delivery of goods from China and other countries is a popular and popular service among Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Transportation of goods across borders requires a lot of time and effort, knowledge of languages, legislation and market characteristics of those countries, including the need to transport goods. Therefore, many prefer to entrust such work to professional carriers. One of them is Cargo120 - a company that delivers commercial goods to Ukraine ”turnkey”. It has been known on the market for more than 7 years, and the reliability of the Cargo120 carrier is evidenced by the reviews of its customers available on thematic resources.
Features of Cargo 120
Cargo120 works with the most popular trading countries today. The peculiarities of her work include:
availability of warehouses and representative offices in key locations of popular trade routes - the company’s warehouses are in such countries as:
China, in the cities of Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong;
South Korea - in Incheon;
Poland, through which traffic from European countries is provided;
USA - Delaware);
use of different methods of cargo delivery - depending on the place where the goods are shipped, sea, rail or air transport can be used for its transportation. In most cases, the customer can choose the appropriate option for the timing and cost of transportation;
provision of related services, such as:
search for supplier and product;
inspection and purchase of goods in factories and online stores;
additional packing of cargo to ensure its safety during transportation;
return of goods and transfer of money to China, and others.
The Cargo 120 company provides full support of process of transportation - before transfer of freight to the customer in Ukraine.

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Benefits of Cargo 120: what customer reviews say
The main advantages of Cargo120, which confirm the feedback of most of its customers:
low transportation tariffs for any mode of transport - more profitable than most other carriers;
stable compliance with delivery times;
compliance with obligations to pay financial compensation;
no surcharges and hidden fees.
Cargo120 is a responsible and reliable partner. It is constantly evolving, opening new, interesting for business areas of delivery of commercial goods.

Branches and representations

1) China, Guangzhou, 广州市白云区西槎路恒丰街31号120库房
+86 (138) 2444-01-20
2) China, Beijing, 北京市朝阳区日坛北路雅宝城B3-120库房 马宁收
+86 (134) 3697-61-20

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Cargo 120
Карго 120


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Legal nameCARGO 120, COMPANY
02000, m. Kyiv, vul. Preobrazhenska, 23
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