Legal nameEFI -TRANS, TOV
Legal address
03049, m. Kyiv, vul. Bogdanivska, 1, k. 1
Actual address
03049, m. Kyiv, vul. Bogdanivska, 1, of. 1
Postal address
03049, m. Kyiv, vul. Bogdanivska, 1, of. 1

Products, services

Photo — EFI-TRANS, PEREVEZENNYA VANTAZHIV We offer the organization of cargo transportation:

- container railway transportation;
- oversized railway transportation;
- overload of cars;
- tracking and dislocation of cargo.

- small cargo transportation;
- prefabricated cargo transportation;
- refrigerated cargo transportation.

- international shipping by means of the use of transport vessels for container transportation;
- Terminal services and strict control of cargo at the time of start and before the end of transportation;
- resolving all issues related to the customs clearance of goods, providing an export and accompanying documentation package;
- delivery of the goods is transported to the port in advance of the agreed terms;
- processing arriving at the port of cargo and its subsequent transportation by road to the warehouse of the consignee.

- import of goods into Ukraine;
- export of goods from Ukraine.

- international cargo transportation of airlines;
- preparation of cargo documentation for the customs;
- expeditionary support of your cargo;
- cargo transit through Boryspil;
- warehouse storage of transport goods and products;
- insurance of cargo, etc.


Our special specialists are ready for a complex of supreme services: insurance, legislation, clean-up mite, thermal processing and logistic services.

Company information

Company ”ETI-Trans” provides the whole range of services for the transportation of goods by rail. Our company is one of the transport forwarding companies, which today are among the leaders of this segment of the market. Our clients are not only domestic but also international manufacturers, physical and legal persons. We have long been working on creating a positive image of the company, and this has become possible thanks to many years of experience, non-standard solutions and a special system of work in the transport market.

Due to our considerable experience in the field of cargo transportation, we can guarantee the high quality of services provided at all stages of their implementation.

Our general mission is to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of our clients’ business by providing quality logistics and transportation services, which repeatedly reduce transportation costs and contribute to the formation of a European civilized forwarding market in Ukraine.

One of our basic principles is an integrated approach to expedition. We offer a complete, well-balanced and balanced set of services, which allows you to carry out the delivery of goods to your destination with all necessary accompanying operations within the specified time with the least possible costs.

We deal in both inland and international transportation. The regions of our activity are quite broad and include a significant part of the Euro-Asian transport market. Thanks to the stable partnership with the leading international forwarding companies, as well as the perfect knowledge and implementation of the legal norms, we can carry out export-import and transit transportation of goods in many countries of the world, including: Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria. Organization and execution of transportation of goods or materials in the territory of the leading countries of Europe and Asia will not be a problem for us even in limited time.

We work with the most diverse categories of goods: massive, artificial, bulk, liquid, containerized, general and oversized cargo.

We will develop optimal logistic schemes and take into account all features of your product or materials during transportation.



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About company

Code EGRPOU32820284
Kolikova Olga Petrivna — director
Number of employees22 чел.
Registration date30.12.2003
Update date20.04.2020

Work schedule

08:30 — 18:30
08:00 — 18:30
08:00 — 18:30
08:30 — 18:30
08:30 — 18:30
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Questions and answers

According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine to a legal entity «EFI -TRANS, TOV» assigned a code 32820284.

Head of the company «EFI -TRANS, TOV» is Kolikova Olga Petrivna, according to the data of the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine.

According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine legal address of the company «EFI -TRANS, TOV» — m. Kyiv, vul. Bogdanivska, 1, k. 1.

According to information obtained from open and reliable Internet sources, at the enterprise «EFI -TRANS, TOV» official site: https://efi-trans.com.ua/

Legal entity status according to the Unified State Register (EDRPOU) — registered.
Legal nameEFI -TRANS, TOV
Legal address
03049, m. Kyiv, vul. Bogdanivska, 1, k. 1
Actual address
03049, m. Kyiv, vul. Bogdanivska, 1, of. 1
Postal address
03049, m. Kyiv, vul. Bogdanivska, 1, of. 1
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